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Why do I offer free distance Reiki healing?

Basically, it is just a very nice thing to do. If one has the ability to do healing, then one should "just do it". I also believe that it is important to give back to the community and donate/volunteer services. Because I make my living doing healing and psychic work, I don't give everything away for free, but I can certainly pick and choose those occasions where it is needed and appropriate. So, I have decided to do free distance Reiki healing. I believe that the internet/web is a good way to reach the global community. I was also inspired by the Distance Healing Network's site for free healing.

What can you expect when you ask for free distance Reiki healing?

Well, it varies...depending upon how busy I am at the moment. I can guarantee that I read each and every request that comes to me, and healing is always sent. I can no longer promise to reply (via email) to each request because of general busyness...I am involved in teaching my students and servicing my clients. If you do get a reply from me, it means that I am using my personal meditation and healing time to respond to requests or because my healing guides gave me a nudge to contact you (smile).

When I receive the request I send healing right away, and then file the request. I may access these filed requests when I have more time to devote to sending healing again, and perhaps send intuitive information. If I have/take the time to respond I will send healing again and intend that you receive a boost of healing when you open the email. You might also get a customized visualization or meditation from me to assist you in your healing process. If you have requested intuitive information I will share that with you but please remember I never diagnose or make any medical claims. All I can really guarantee is that I do my best (smile). I also have a page devoted to more detailed information about how I send distance Reiki healing.

What I ask from you in return for this free service...

I ask that you accept the healing (smile). I ask that you make your wishes for healing known to your higher self/soul/God. I ask that you do a good deed for others - just because. I also ask that you bear with me while I make my wishes known here on this page...perhaps you would like to send some positive thoughts my way in that I will receive all that I desire (if it is for my highest good).

This gift is given freely and with love to help bring abundance to Earth and to all it's beings. Susan H. Aguirre is a co-creator with God, and in giving, she accepts her tenfold return.

If you have any questions about Reiki, healing or the contents of this page, please contact me!


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