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Why You Should Want a Tarot for Transformation Reading

Susan Aguirre

We are all seeking to better ourselves, but getting "good" information to help us accomplish this task can be so difficult. We live in a world where so much information is coming at us all at once, and much of it is negative. If we turn to friends or family to give us advice we must be careful of their own agendas, however kind and helpful they might want to be.

Conversely, information given in a reading from me will never be scary or hurtful. If there are issues to be discussed, there will always be a positive plan of action --- something you can DO, not just useless information that drags you down in doubt. When we focus on the cards in the reading we work together to use meanings from the symbols of the cards along with the power of the spoken word, messages from my intuitional sources, and any subliminal messages that come to you via the symbols on the Tarot deck. Being a healer, I know that additional information will be transmitted to you via our combined energies.

What you do with the information is the most exciting part! I believe that you can transform your life by honoring the information that is gathered during the reading. If you see something that you really want to have happen, then you use your energies to make it so! Likewise, if you see something that doesn't suit you, you can change your path to help create a new that changes that particular outcome.

hands and heart

Just like the tadpole transforms into the frog and the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, you too can transform yourself into the person you desire to become. I like to think of an image of a frog with fairy wings...going one step beyond the normal into something magical.


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