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Who is Diana and what is her role in Michael's life?

I wrote the above down, taken from your e-mail to me, then focused on you and your energies so that I could use this as a means of shuffling the cards for you. I asked that the info be given to me, for your highest good. The only other thing I can say in preparation is that this information from me about you and Diana is from your energetic viewpoint --- as it would be unethical for me to actually tune in and read Diana unless she would give me permission. Again, this is your life and how your life is affected by Diana. Okay, that taken care of, on with the reading...

I am laying out an extended Celtic Cross. I will give you the meanings of the positions and the cards drawn there along with my interpretation.

The central issue is you being the courting "young" man (Knight of Cups). This is how you see yourself in this situation, inexperienced but full of enthusiasm, almost the type that is in love with being in love. Most relationship beginnings show this is the courting behavior, the nice words, nice appearance and the small tokens of esteem you bestow on the object of your desire.

Moving into the issue, I see the 9 of wands reversed. Here I see that you feel especially vulnerable, because of your past relationship issues (this includes your relationship to yourself). You see yourself as the noble warrior, but you are both vulnerable and tired, and maybe questioning your age difference somewhat. You do have a lot of experience, and you are wondering if that will get in the way. You are maybe a little bit defensive sometimes about some of what you have gone through, and even though you don't mean to be, there it is.

Across the first two cards (still in the central issue) is the Moon card reversed. Here some of the fears of the unknown are coming into play. You are also somewhat astonished by the strong psychic pull of this relationship. Amazed and in awe, a bit of fear at being out-of-control. The dog and the wolf on this card speak of the fine line between inspiration and insanity. Being reversed, you are having a lot of dream time and maybe heavy activity in the unconscious or astral world, and it appears jumbled and distorted, maybe a time of old nightmares coming back in.

hands and heart

In the "foundation/past" position is The Star. This is the long-ago past, and how it is now coming up to bear fruit in the present life. Here I see that your ability to shine is there, that basically, you have a respect for yourself as a child of God and that you recognize the divinity within. This speaks well in that you are very capable of having a good relationship, because you have taken care of your self-esteem issues. Even if you feel you might still have some work to be done there, this card speaks of just a basic ease of self. Good job!

In the "recent past" position (within the last 2 weeks or so) is The Empress. Here I see a good sense of creativity, enjoyment of life and the creative process. I also see the Venus symbol on the Goddess/Empress dress and the desire to have a balanced physical relationship, one that brings the creative out in both of you, along with just a basic satisfaction with life in all of it's outpouring of blessings. If this card speaks of your relationship to Diana up to this point, I would say that this is a good indication of how your combined energies are very healthy and full of life and potential. This card speaks of fertility, and that doesn't mean just babies, but any kind of "child" born of it's creative mother - business, building, art, music, etc.

The "goal card" here is the Lovers. My interpretation is that ultimately, there will be a decision, and it is a big one. This card speaks of taking the big step away from the mother (which could just be the past) --- to break the apron strings and to make a decision. The decision isn't because of anyone breathing down your throat, it is more of the timing of the season, things just happen. This is a positive card in that I see it as a turning point for you (again) in that you will make another step towards your larger goal of this life.

Within the next two weeks I see the 4 of pentacles, which speaks of either a small worry about money, or just the message that a budget needs to be in place. Please remember that when money is tight, that doesn't mean that you can't take part in the fair around you. Find those things that are free, don't let your real concern for money keep you from experiencing the joy that is all around you. I think things will be okay here, it is just a little nudge.

In the position of "the message from your Higher Self" is the Ace of Swords reversed. I believe that what I am seeing and feeling here is just a basic small confusion. Your higher-self wants you to know that now isn't the time for any kind of document signing, it feels like there is a delay or a waiting period before you make that small decision that could be the beginning of a larger decision. I feel/sense that this also has to do with your son. There is some communication that is askew here, you might want to wait, or you are being told you have to wait to get the clarity you desire. In the relationship, I am hearing that it isn't time to make any kind of contract, either here or in the astral.

green man

In the place of your "friends and family" I see the King of Wands. People around you are full of the energy of the Sun and are trying to make hay while the Sun shines. I see a business person who is in your circle of friends or associations that would be a good connection for you, as they want to help you in your business and they have a good business sense and a great joy of life. If this is Diana too I would see her as having a strong masculine energy in many ways --- the sunny energetic kind that loves to make things happen. She has a lot of experience, and there is a connection to the psychic/intuitive. She has an association with lizard and with salamander. You might want to look those up, but intuitively I feel that there is a shamanic aspect that feels very interesting here.

In the place of your "attitude" is the need to withdraw and go into yourself (4 of Swords). You have a strong desire to be alone (at times). This is okay, you have to respect that and just let it happen. Make sure that when you retire to meditate that you get the space and time and quietness that you desire. You have a great ability to really go deep within yourself.

About 1 month out I see 2 cards (Ace of Wands reversed and the King of Pentacles). Together this seems like energetically you feel worn or low in energy, but the diligent part of you just keeps on trucking. You have a deep sense of dedication and service combined with a healthy desire to bring some money forth out of your hard work. If you start now in taking care of your energetic body, that tiredness and lack may not come to pass. So, if we look one before this, you have to realize that you do need time alone to fill yourself up. Nothing fancy, just some plain rest and meditation.

The rest of the cards are just out in time, from one month on: At the One month + 1 week placement is both the 2 of Cups and the 9 of Wands. Your strong desire for having that balanced relationship without and within are causing some sleepless nights with worry. Your connection with Diana is a nice one, and it is definitely more that just a physical attraction, you feel that you have a cosmic connection, and there is some definite light work going on here --- I see that DNA spiral coming out of your combined heart chakras symbolized by the 2 cups. You are a pretty matched pair, why so much worry?

The next card out (1.5 months or so) is The Tower. Some sort of decision that you have really been putting off gets resolved the hard way. A lot of shaking up and there are 2 people that are thrown because of this, probably yourself and either your son or Diana. Don't know what it is that is causing this major shake-up, but if you are forewarned, maybe you can take steps now that will turn the tower card over, which means still a major shake-up, but you saw it coming and stepped off the rug before it was snatched away from you.

Just past the previous card I see the Emperor reversed. Because of what went down, there is a period of time where you are out of sorts, things are in a mess, and you feel cranky because you have to put them right. Before you put everything back in there old place --- ask if they should be in a new place or thrown out or giving away or given up? Take the energy from the Tower to further clean up the debris of the past. I know you have gone through this before...I feel that your soul is telling you to really pare down to the bone so that you have less "stuff" to worry about. This is not necessarily mundane and earth things, but old beliefs and old "structures" that just have to go.

In the 2 month mark I see a great card! It is the 10 of Pentacles, and it shows you being happy in your environment, feeling complete and at ease, and it also shows wealth and a great extended family with pets (dogs). There is a completeness here that is very satisfying. Being comfortable in the home, surrounded by friends and family of all ages. Connection to nature, bringing nature indoors, etc. I am feeling that the Tower card may indicate a move without warning, a few short weeks of disarray and then feeling really, really good in your new spot. I guess we shall see! I will leave the cards at that.

Overall, there isn't a lot of blatantly romantic info here...more like this relationship should just flow smoothly within your existing life. If it doesn't work that way, it would indicate (to me, anyway) that it isn't meant to be. You have a high calling, and your relationships should enhance, not hinder what you are setting out to do. Michael...I feel very good about this reading, it shows some good overall energy, with a few minor nuisances that may be your own doing --- wanting to worry about things, or to "know" how they will turn out. I say just let it flow and let it be, trust your heart and your soul's call because you are a good person. This tower business may be something out of your direct control, perhaps something from the past that is going down now so that your new life will be clear. Finally, whenever there is timing mentioned within the reading, it is meant in a general will happen in their time, according to the placement, but you may "run" time either slower or faster than what I designated. I will keep a copy of this reading in case you have any questions.


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