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Susan Aguirre

There are probably as many philosophies and methods for using Tarot as there are readers. There are also many reasons for using Tarot in widely different ways that are not even in the area of reading: in Meditation, Ceremonial use, as a collection of symbols, story-telling, etc.

Tarot can also be used in a predictive fashion -- the client sitting silent while the reader attempts to dazzle them with their intuitive and symbol reading knowledge. My opinion of that style of reading is that it doesn't really serve the client, and it is exhausting for the reader. In most cases, the client walks away with only a re-verification of what was already known, and some hazy ideas of what might be.

My philosophy and method revolve around my strong belief that Tarot can be used as a tool for change and transformation. I work with my client to help them identify and understand their habitual patterns of action and reaction, and bring them to an understanding of how s/he may sometimes get in their own way. The outcome is a plan of action, with either a verification and re-emphasis of already known skills, or a method for addressing the problem(s).

Extended CelticI use a variety of card layouts, but my main-stay is an Extended Celtic cross. This card layout was developed by my two Tarot teachers, Loui Pieper and Nell Morningstar that teach through The School of Sacred Paths in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is possible with this particular layout to bring in information about events with a way of more accurately pinning down timing.

As with any predictive tool, there is a certain "catch", that being that we are taking a moment of time, and the client's known patterns of behavior, and extending a straight line into the future. This is what is known as a probable reality. Since we are all creatures of habit these probable realities can seem very concrete -- and that is how psychics are able to tune into the future. I use this probable reality as a mirror to my client with the understanding that if s/he doesn't like what they see, then we need to find a way to step away from that habitual pattern to create a new reality.

Sometimes the identification of one's patterns takes time. I see myself as being an on-going consultant and healer who is able to assist you in finding viable solutions and offer accurate insights.


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