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Tarot for Transformation ~ Reiki Healing Master Teacher ~ Zen Life

Susan AguirreI was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on September 28, 1961 at 1:49 p.m. CST (for all you astrologers out there, we did not have daylight savings time during that particular year and month). My Sun is in Libra, Ascendant is Capricorn and my Moon is in Gemini. I am a graduate of Frank B. Kellogg Senior High, have attended numerous colleges (Mercer University in Macon, GA, University of Minnesota, Augsburg College, etc.) and am a minister through the Universal Life Church.

I have been interested in things spiritual, psychic and metaphysical since childhood, particularly since age eleven. Being very inquisitive about the "true" beliefs of the Catholic church and interested in the pagan origins of many Christian holidays, etc. I was a problem to my catechism teachers and at odds with the priests. I soon become disenchanted with that particular religion and began my spiritual search. This search lead me to examine many other Christian denominations, as well as earth-based spiritual beliefs and a brief stint with Spiritualism. Most important in my life has been the study of esoteric and psychic things: Tarot, Qabalah, Astrology, Healing, Channelling, etc.

Underlying my spiritual quest has been the KNOWING (as if I was remembering, not just learning things for the first time) of things as I would read or hear about them. Being a voracious reader, I have been able to expand my life dramatically through my reading within my areas of interest in healing, esoteric, metaphysical and psychic studies and Science Fiction, or more accurately, Speculative Fiction. SF has brought to me so many spiritual truths --- the expansion of consciousness and the hope and belief that we as humans aren't what we seem.

In the fall of 1989, during a time in my life when I was in a great change, I became interested in Tarot. I started attending classes without ever having had a Tarot reading myself. I began my studies with the School of Sacred Paths, and there found what would be for me an esoteric home for many years. My mentors, Loui Pieper and Nell Morningstar are very gifted Tarot readers and teachers, with many years experience in the symbology and mystical associations of Tarot, including the works of The Golden Dawn, and Qabalah.

I dove into Tarot and Qabalah, studying daily, and reading any book I could find on these subjects and any other esoteric and metaphysical connection. I also expanded my courses of study to whatever the School of Sacred Paths had to offer. In 1993 I was able to study Tarot with Mary K. Greer (Tarot for Yourself, Tarot Mirrors, Tarot Constellations, etc.) and Rachel Pollack (78 Degrees of Wisdom) in a week-long seminar through the Omega institute. During these years of study I used the spiritual truths I had learned to help remake myself many times as I endeavored to rid my life of co-dependent and restrictive behaviors around my career, family and friends.

Over a 13 year period, and without a college degree, I rose within the ranks of a large corporation due to my interest and aptitude with computers and programming. As I worked my way up from doing data-entry to computer programmer/analyst and trainer, I was always on the fringe of corporate culture. But I openly shared my spiritual and psychic beliefs with co-workers, and they respected me for my dedication to truth and honesty and integrity and because of my natural abilities as a psychic, healer, teacher and leader. I was approached for Tarot readings, healings, or just my views as they shared with me their hopes and fears around their relationships, their health and even mundane matters concerning investments.

In 1993 I became involved with a local Spiritualist Church and was soon participating as a hands-on-healer during the weekly services. I also took psychic development classes with the Pastor. I was exposed to and began working with earth-bound spirits, hearing / feeling / talking to those that have gone over, and giving intuitive psychic readings. I began studying to be a minister through the Spiritualist Church and became interested in a more formal healing path. After a few years Spiritualism became a restriction, and I left that church behind, but maintained a connection with our friends there. Still feeling the call to ministry and healing, I chose to become a minister through the Universal Life Church, which recognizes the truth of all paths (all paths lead to the one). I firmly believe that one is called to become a minister, and while it is nice to get formal training through an accredited organization, the training that one gets in life is more important.

Usui, founder of ReikiI began Reiki training in the fall of 1995 and found another important piece of my life falling into place. After taking the second-degree course I knew that my dual life of programmer/analyst/trainer during the day and minister/healer/psychic/teacher evenings and weekends was just too hard to keep up. My spiritual life began to take precedence to my corporate career and my 3-year plan to leave my corporate job became a one year plan. I finally left my 16 year corporate career to pursue my heart and life's work full time.

In February, 1997 I received my Advanced and Masters training in Reiki and since then I have been sharing Reiki with anyone that is interested in learning this wonderful healing method. I offer free Distance Reiki Healing from this website and have sent Reiki Distance Healing all over the world through this site and the Distance Healing Network. I am amazed by the requests and delighted by the results that Reiki brings. I use Reiki in all aspects of my life and daily and it has helped me further transform my life. I have seen the changes in others since they have received Reiki healing, as well as the more dramatic changes that training in Reiki healing can bring.

I continue to expand my experiences in all forms of healing (Karuna Reiki®, 1999; EMF Balancing Technique®, 2000; Certified Hypnotherapy, 2001; Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy (Spiritual Regression), 2002) as well as Tarot and my other intuitive gifts. I consider myself to be a student of Life and I am truly grateful for ALL that I have been allowed to experience up to this point. I look forward to the future with anticipation and excitement. I believe that these days are very important in the scheme of humanity upon this Earth, and I have dedicated my life to be of service to all that ask.

Do you want to know more about me? Perhaps this information on my aura is just what you are looking for!

I hope that you have found something of interest in learning about me and this website, and I encourage you to visit us again, as I am always updating and expanding these web pages.


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