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How I chose my Reiki Master Teacher

Before pursuing Reiki, I had done hands-on as well as distance and etheric healing using various methods. At that time I was associated with a Spiritualist church in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we did a healing service every Sunday. I found this to be very rewarding and began searching for a healing system because I wanted to more fully channel the healing energy. My minister suggested Reiki. So I began to search for a Master.

My experience in finding the "right" Reiki Master

Previous to my involvement with Spiritualism I was studying various esoteric and metaphysical teachings in a bookstore called Evenstar through their school, The School of Sacred Paths. I signed up for a Reiki Level-I class, showed up at Evenstar and was talking to the person behind the counter for some time, waiting for the other class participants and Master to appear. The class time came up, so I said to the person, "where is everybody?" She hadn't realized that I was waiting to take the Reiki class and we found out that the Master taught out of her home. I decided to reschedule because her home was at least 30-45 minutes away and I felt strongly that I didn't want to miss anything. I did reschedule, but had to cancel because of another pressing commitment. This is when my Spiritualist Pastor mentioned Reiki...I knew I had to try it again.

I became aware of another Reiki Master when my coworker, Karen brought her roommate, Sue into work to talk about the benefits of massage. I really felt Sue's energy and her dedication to healing. I found out later that she was also a Reiki Master. I approached her about Reiki training but her class schedule did not fit mine at that time.

I went back to Evenstar to try again with the other Master. I saw her business card there and put it in my pocket and started walking out the door, only to lose it on the way. This was the 3rd time of having difficulties connecting with her. I knew I had to find someone else.

A few months later in a conversation with Karen I brought up the possibility of taking Reiki with Sue. She said that Sue wasn't going to teach the first level of Reiki until the following Spring. I was disappointed, and shared with her that I wanted to take Reiki soon and that I would probably have to search for another person. The next day Karen came back to tell me that Sue had a cancellation in her Reiki class which meant I could get training that very weekend!

I took Reiki I and II with Sue; even though her prices were quite high. I felt that I had been given the message that this connection to her was more important than in shopping for a better price. This is one of the reasons why the cost of Reiki --- whether one charges or gives for free has a personal meaning to me. I truly believe that if one wants Reiki, one will get it just the way it needs to be received, regardless of money or any other cost.

A footnote to this: My husband, William-Thomas Wegner, another hands-on and etheric healer, was very impressed with the increase of my healing ability. His friend Duane had signed up to attend the first Reiki class with the Master I had first tried to connect with. William-Thomas felt strongly that he needed to experience the class with Duane, and he couldn't afford the class prices with my Master. I was at Evenstar and decided to pick up that Master's card. I put it in my pocket and started walking to the door when I noticed that the card had fallen out. I picked it up and put it in another pocket and made sure it was in there deep. Again, I walked to the door, first stopping to read some of the posts on the bulletin board. Again, I happened to look at the floor and the card was there. I jammed it in a pocket and got out the door only to have it whipped out of my pocket and out into the street. I had to chase after it where I caught it by stomped on it, and told it "This is for William-Thomas, not me!", jammed the card in my pocket and then made it home without any further incident.

I want to emphasize that my experience in trying to connect with this Master in no way means that there was anything "wrong" with that Master's teaching or abilities. It only meant that my experience needed to be with someone else. Similarly, when I was intuitively given the message to search for another Master for my ART/III/Master attunement, I did not think my connection with Sue was a mistake. My experience with her teaching was great!

Experiences with Reiki in my own life

I have had great personal experiences with Reiki. I really felt the increase in my ability to feel the healing process occur after my 1st degree attunements, and then again after my 2nd degree attunement and of course, after my Advanced and Master studies. My psychic abilities have also increased, and continue to do so. I went through a tremendous personal clearing with each new level of Reiki. I found my corporate job situation intolerable and proceeded to move forward in my plan to leave the corporate culture in 3 years, a process I had started the year before. Toward the middle of my 2nd year I decided that I needed to leave sooner. I was feeling physically unable to tolerate the unhealthy atmosphere there -- even though I had made many efforts in channeling healing to myself and to my work area, and offering healing to others at work. My desire to pursue my heart's work became so strong that focusing any energy in my corporate job seemed like a waste of my time and energy. I starting feeling physically and mentally drained. I realized that my work was literally hurting me when I developed very painful tendonitis which didn't seem to respond to anything, including Reiki. This spelled out to me that what needed to be healed was my relationship to myself and my job, not just the physical symptom of tendonitis.

Another example of my own clearing --- I broke away from the Spiritualist church I was attending over an issue about truth and confidentiality and a pastor's need to practice what s/he preaches. Even though my involvement in that church was a large part of my life at that time --- doing healing work, studying for the Ministry, planning a convention, etc. I knew that if I continued in the environment with this particular church I wouldn't respect myself. Again, I am not against Spiritualism...I learned a great deal from being a Spiritualist, it was just time for me to move on.

What my life's work is about now...

I am focused on Reiki Healing client work and teaching Reiki since I received my Master training in 1997. I have trained many super Reiki people in the Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis), as well as others in Wisconsin, Iowa, and even South Africa and India. I am a great-grandmother in Reiki (some of my Reiki Master level students have trained others, who have trained others). I do Psychic and Spiritual work using Tarot and my intuitive abilities (I use my intuitive ability in my healing as well).


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