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Because there are so many different forms of Reiki, I thought I would share with you some information on my type of Reiki as it pertains to the Advanced Reiki and Reiki Master Teacher levels.

My lineage is Usui/Tibetan which is the style that the International Center for Reiki training teaches. I teach from that information/style and follow those attunement methods. Before one is ready for the Master level (in this style), the student must take the Advanced Level.

Advanced Level is a good place for those students of other lineages or styles of Reiki who have been at the Reiki II level for some time - and who haven't decided whether they are ready to take the next step into the Master Teacher level. Current Reiki Masters in other lineages/traditions would also find this class very helpful and powerful. This class teaches important new skills that address many current healing issues. One of techniques learned in the Advanced training is Psychic Surgery.

Psychic Surgery is when the Reiki practitioner uses a combination of Reiki symbol(s), sound, movement and intention to help the client release blocks in the physical and/or auric bodies. This process can range anywhere from a very dramatic and powerful process to a calm and loving release of unwanted energies. Other techniques taught in this class help the practitioner to become more confident in their healing style and to help them use Reiki energy in movement and meditative ways, including the use of crystals for both distant and Psychic surgery sessions. The attunement is very powerful, and like the other attunements, great changes come as a result of taking that next step in ones Reiki energy.

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Are you interested in taking the Advanced Reiki training? I am always open to having a class on a date that works for you. Please contact me so I can include you in any upcoming plans.

Once the Advanced Level has been attained, you may choose to go on to the Master Teacher level. At the Master Teacher training the student learns a healing attunement as well as the attunements that "create" Reiki practitioners at all levels. To back-up a bit, the healing attunement is a very wonderful tool that along with the skills of Psychic Surgery (learned in the Advanced class) take Reiki healing to an exciting new level. This attunement is used to help clients apply extra power to their healing intentions. The Reiki practitioner works with the client to form a concise yet emotion filled sentence that states the intention. The resultant sentence is placed in the heart chakra of the client in a attunement. This attunement does not "make the client Reiki" - it is a ceremony that empowers the intention of the client with the help of the practitioner.

A large part of the Master Teacher class is spent in practicing the giving and experiencing many Reiki attunements at all the levels. The resultant energy experienced in this training is tremendous!

Another benefit of training with me is that I allow my students to retake both the Advanced and Master levels as many times as they would like. You pay for the first time (Advanced $200, Master $600). What happens is that when a student (new to the level) wants to take Advanced (or once at Advanced, the Master level) they pick a future date. I then invite all people currently at Reiki II (for the Advanced class) or at the Advanced or Master level (for the Advanced class) or at the Master level (for the Master class). People retaking the course get a deeper level of teaching, as they can tune into the energy and techniques already having learned and practiced. For those who are interested in, or already at the Master level, the class serves as a refresher, hearing the class taught with different participants... it really helps because they can practice teaching skills. Kind of like being an apprentice without all the judgment. It helps Masters to be better teachers, and it is just wonderful for the new student, because they get to connect with other experienced Reiki people, connecting to an already established community... just wonderful for everyone!

There are Reiki lineages that teach Reiki Master Teacher only at the invitation of the Master. I don't teach that way. I would never put myself in the position of judging another person's readiness. We need more healers on this Earth and I am a Master Teacher who believes in the accessibility of fairly priced yet quality Reiki training. I also don't require a strict apprenticeship. I am accessible to all of my students and they know that I will share all that I can with them - unconditionally. My students are all wonderful healers and I am proud to have been a part of their healing path.

I hope this information on Advanced and Reiki Master Teacher levels answers some of the basic questions you may have had. Please contact me if you have additional questions or if you want to take that next step in your Reiki training.


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