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Distance Reiki Healing

This is the method I use when sending free distance Reiki healing using e-mail. I have developed this method over a period of time. I gained experience being a healing practitioner through The Distance Healing Network's free distance healing page. I read up on various distance methods, along with using those I learned from my experience doing "plain" hands-on and distance healing before my Reiki training. I am sure there are other methods, and I will probably continue to change and refine those I am using right now.

I like to sit quietly with the information that I receive from the form generated from my web-site or from a simple e-mail from the client. At this time I have opened the e-mail, and have converted the jumble of lines transmitted from the form into a readable paragraph. I copy this information onto a response to the healing request so that the information is right in front of me, ready to be referred to if needed.

The information from the form ranges from greatly detailed to none other than the name of the recipient and an e-mail address. My feelings about needing specific information are that the more information I can get, the better because it helps me in my visualization. Reiki really doesn't need the detail...I truly believe and feel that all one has to do to channel healing is to have the clear intention, and the healing goes to what needs to be healed, on whatever level. However, I feel like I can help the client become more a part of the healing process if I can provide a more custom or personalized response to their request. I use the information I receive to focus and I touch in with the person's energy in a very gentle manner. I am not trying to dig for information here, I am just getting the contact --- the permission to do so comes if the client has asked for intuitive information, which is a line on the form. If the client did not request intuitive information, I do not channel any additional information...I sit and connect and send healing.

I type in a few introductory lines with basic information about my method and Reiki in -general and then I type the information I have received if I had seen, heard or felt any intuitive information when I connected with the client's energy. From there I may be directed by my healing guides to share additional information using Louise L. Hay's, Heal Your Body. I like to use Louise Hay's information because basically, I respect her work. She has been out there doing her stuff for a long time now and her information feels right to me. I also like her positive healing affirmations. Again, depending on the type of healing, I may also direct the client to other information sources for prayer, spiritual guidance, basic health books, vitamin references, etc. I don't prescribe anything, I don't force any issues --- that wouldn't be right because I am not a doctor, I am a healing channel --- not a healer.

Now I usually channel a healing meditation for the client. I use whatever comes to me in the way of settings, colors, feelings, sounds, smells, etc. My goal is to affirm the fact that healing is taking place on all levels and in all of the bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) and that the client has control over their choices in their healing. I direct the client to use this visualization whenever they want to help them reconnect with their healing source.

During my typing in of visualization that I am channeling, I am usually doing Reiki healing at that moment. After the visualization is done I run over it in my mind, kind of trying it out to see how it works. I make any necessary adjustments, then I sit with the e-mail on the screen, refocus my connection to the Reiki energy and envision the Reiki symbols infusing both the e-mail and send it to the client directly. My intent is for the client to receive a healing while I am doing the work, and for them to get an extra "boost" when they open and read the e-mail.

Some Results...

I haven't gotten a large number of e-mails specifically mentioning results about what they have "felt" during the healing process. I do get some very good feedback, but the comments are so interspersed with personal information that I can't really share them with you, but what I can share is here.

  • Upon receipt of the email, I did feel definite Reiki working on me. I have received no more such sensations over the weekend but then this weekend has been quite a confusing one. Thanks again!
  • I'd like to thank you for the Distance Healing which you sent out to me. I had forgotten that I had asked ( being depressed my memory is shot) But over the last few days I have felt better. Things don't seem as bad as they were.
  • Thanks so much. On Saturday, I woke up feeling pretty good and when I downloaded the email I saw why.
  • When I received your e-mail, I could feel the force of the Reiki. I felt slightly dizzy while reading your mail. It is truly amazing.
  • *felt slightly dizzy
    * increase in recall of painful events. (one of it included a dream that replayed my father's death 5 years ago which I was crying badly in it.)
    * Feeling of tightness at my forehead.

Some other ideas for Distance Healing

Having returned from Advanced Reiki Training and Master/III Training on February 21 - 23, 1997, I have learned other Reiki distance healing methods that I have added to my Reiki skills. These are using Crystal Healing Grids and doing Etheric/Astral Reiki. I am also getting so many requests from my web page that I am doing some of the individual requests as group requests.

As an example, if I have a group of clients that have similar healing issues such as: they are all requesting healing for emotional or issues, or for helping them in their spiritual or relationship growth, then my method is to address them as a group, while maintaining their privacy by addressing the e-mail to me while using the "blind copy" method of e-mail. This means that they will see my name and their own, but nobody else's name will be there. I then create an e-mail describing this group healing process:

I visualize the exact number of clients standing in a circle, holding hands. I like to convey to them that their physical contact symbolizes that we are all one in our healing issues; as we heal the individual, we are really healing the group. I call upon the healing Reiki energy to come down and touch each person, who in turn will share the energy across and to each side of them. My intent is to affirm that each person has the power to heal themselves and then in turn to heal others. I believe that the more we can share in our sorrows and accomplishments we can truly change the world

And Finally...

This healing page and the information I am sharing with you is my way of opening myself up to both be a channel for Reiki healing and to heal myself in the process.


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